01 December 2010

Giving Up My Car Was Best Decision Ever

By Chris Hrubesh, CNN

  • Chris Hrubesh says trading his car for a bike was one of the best decisions he's ever made
  • Hrubesh gets around Atlanta by cycling and taking public transport
  • He estimates he saves between $300 and $500 per month by not owning a car
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  1. I think it's awesome! I would love to follow his suit when opportunity and time are right, depending on the location I am in. Whenever a car is needed, we can rely on car share or car rental.

  2. i'm soooo tempted too, but always keep on finding excuses to keep my car. someday... someday!!! :)

  3. I'm the same way about that even I hardly use the car. It is nice to walk to work daily. However if I have to go somewhere for meetings, I have to use my car. No wonder why one of the famous interview questions is "Do you have your own car?" The public transportation system is not reliable in Buffalo. It takes forever to get anywhere outside of the downtown area. Although I live close to work, I still need to use the car to get my grocery. The nearest supermarket is about five miles away. I prefer living closer to work than closer to the super market to reduce my overall carbon footprint. We don't have strong car sharing program in Buffalo too and we still need to go to designated areas to pick up the cars.

    Despite several difficulties, I still save a lot of gas money and car expenses, such as not needing brake pads replacement over a longer period of time compared to daily vehicle commuters, by living very close to work. I can see what Chris is talking about and the common difficulties that he faces too.

  4. My family grew up without a car in NYC. It's the best feeling and I've learned so much about the world and have met all kind of people by taking the public transportation from LIRR to subway to bus to taxis in all parts of NYC. Such a rich experience.

    I didn't start driving until age 25. Driving just brings headache and it is stressful! I can't even daydream! :)

  5. I agree how driving can be stressful, especially during rush hours. NYC is one of great places for people wanting to live, or at least maximize, the car-free life. Although Buffalo is not that well set up like NYC, it is nice to ride the bike around and bump into people. I support your daydream argument because I think it is healthy for people to semi-shut down their brain and enjoy the moments of pause in their busy schedule.