06 December 2010

*Knocking my Pretty Skull*~

Seriously... What is wrong with me?! I could never keep my word about posting on a daily basis! I can tell you this... that this does ring so very true.. that I do lead a very fulfilling, fun-filled life! I can't seem to get my tiny, pretty arse to sit in front of this screen and click-clack the keys away!

I recently posted this status on my FB and I love it! (It was posted yesterday)

Alynn Davis loves how words can crawl into our mouths and be blurted out! Sometimes words are not enough. Sometimes actions are not enough. Are you enough with yourself? In other words... Are you contented and at ease with yourself? Alynn knows she is!~

Hmm... Off the point here... I did say that I would... actually... I said that MAYBE I will post up a recipe and with a kind heart, I have decided to post one today. It is for those who already or aim to purchase an Excalibur Dehydrator -

Quinoa-Sesame Crackers
I don't consume quinoa myself, even if it is raw and sprouted, but I made this and it has been raved upon! You GOTTA give this a whirl and try!

Servings:  makes about 3-4 dozen
Feel free to experiment with the flavours. Also, this makes a lot of crackers; If you're not sure you'll like them, it's easy to halve or quarter the recipe.


- 1 cup quinoa seeds, sprouted* (that's one measured cup before sprouting. After sprouting you might end up with 2 or even 3 cups worth)
- 1 cup water
- 3-4 generous Tbs tahini (i.e. about as much as you can get onto your tablespoon!)
- 1 cup ground flax seeds
- 1 cup of sesame seeds - Yep!! LOTS OF IT!
- any flavouring you like: Coconut Amino's, Bragg's, fresh herbs, garlic/hing

*Quinoa is one of the easier seeds to sprout - it doesn't take too long & I've never yet had a batch spoil on me. Rinse the quinoa seeds well, then leave to soak 2 hours in plenty of water. Rinse well again, then place in a sprouting jar or tray, and sprout for 12 hours - rinse them well again about half way through this time. (Quinoa is coated in bitter saponins, & you need to make sure these are thoroughly washed off.) As long as they're completely dry, the sprouts should keep for up to two weeks in your fridge.

Place the quinoa sprouts, water and tahini, plus any liquid flavourings like amino's, in a powerful food processor or blender, and process until the quinoa is mostly broken down. If you're adding anything like fresh herbs, you might want to add these in next, & pulse briefly to break them down a little. If you're not using Amino's or Bragg's, you might also want to add a little salt to the mix.

Tip this mix into a bowl, & stir in the ground flax seeds, and any flavourings you haven't added yet. Then add lots of sesame seeds - I often almost double the volume with the amount of seeds I add. Amino  flavoured ones taste great with black sesame seeds added!

Once they're dried though, they taste great, so don't let it put you off. :)  Place a heaping spoonful of the mixture onto a teflex sheet on your dehydrator tray, & spread it out using the back of the spoon into a round 1/2 cm thick. (You could try making them thinner, but the mix is so sticky, I can never be bothered to fight it to get it thinner than this.) This is easier if you use two spoons - one to scoop, the other to scrape the mix off the first spoon.

Dehydrate your crackers at 115 degrees until the top is dry, then flip them over onto the trays & remove the teflex. Continue dehydrating until they're completely dried out, & store in an airtight container.


Property of Alynn Davis~
Please ask for permission to share (it may be in the book!)~


  1. I really like crackers but I've only tried the wheat and the whole wheat ones so I think it's time to give this great quinoa-sesame crackers a go.
    It sounds great, i'm sure it's yummy too.
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. keep the recipes coming! one day i'll own a dehydrator and come back to this post. thanks for sharing!

  3. I'll need a dehydrator before trying this recipe too. Looks crackeralicious!

  4. You all... You're very welcome! Now I'm more ambitious and motivated to share more with you all! YEOWZA! *squealing*~

  5. Great site, keep it up the great work!