17 May 2014

HÜMÜH Buddhism

HÜMÜH Transcendental Buddhism = Ati-Yoga

Explore a Deeper Meaning to Life with HÜMÜH Buddhism—
Everyone is welcome to come for retreat at HÜMÜH’s beautiful Skycliffe Monastery/Life Science Centre in Westbridge, British Columbia. All retreat programs are accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing. There are opportunities during live Teachings to ask the Spiritual Teacher, Wisdom Master Maticintin, questions directly. There are also opportunities to have open ASL review discussions with the Deaf Coordinator about personal questions related to the Teachings received.
The HÜMÜH website (www.HUMUH.orghas a link to the summer program brochure: “Skycliffe Summer Program” and a link for the deaf: “Learn to Hear without Hearing,” with a video message in ASL, as well as ASL videos of “Frequently Asked Questions about the Path,” that may address some of the questions people might have.
Everyone is also welcome to sign up to receive a free Daily Wisdom Teaching (quote) given by the Wisdom Master, which will appear in their weekday email. The online form to sign up for the Daily Wisdom Teaching can be found here: http://ymlp.com/xgwyuwygmgs.
Inquiries are welcome. Kindly send them to Office@HUMUH.org

Contributed by Diana Cho

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