16 January 2009

Green World News

Written by EcoDeaf contributor, Shay Bertling

Wondering what everyone else is doing about the enivronment?

Go to www.grist.org

This site incorporates a variety of news feeds from all over the world, each of which focuses on ideas and activities that promote a greener earth for all of us. What attracted me was a comedy section offering articles that look like they were excerpted from The Onion, and various cartoons that mock clueless polluters or cleverly satirizes common, everyday pollutants that America is reluctant to sacrifice.
Their news section also analyzes various aspects of environmental activism and features a muckraker section that call out various political blunders–even lies– and brings attention to the people who are in power and aren’t really doing what they said they’d do about environment preservation.

Of course, there’s an ask column section: there is A to Green, which features a great number of ways to lead a green(er) lifestyle; a feed on weekly recipes that are both environmentally friendly and healthy while also mouth-wateringly delicious; and the grist list is a fun reference for green “top-ten” lists similar to those of Joshua Weinstock’s (in Buff and Blue), except that these lists actually benefit the community and environment!

There’s also a discussion forum with a diverse list of topics to choose from, number one being Barack Obama, but others include dumbassery (funny), green washing and polar bears on top of environmental justice, gas prices and coal, just to name a few things that www.grist.org covers.

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