28 January 2009

Your New Year's Resolution

by Willia May Wille, a long time RawFoodist and one of few certified Deaf Yoga Instructors - for her EcoDeaf profile click here

It is typical of many people to make resolutions at the beginning of any year to improve the quality in their lifestyle and of course to improve their health. It is normal for everyone to want to feel well, happy and prosperous. It is our birthright. Yet we do not know the right way because of our current civilization now steeped in technology. Instead of living with nature, we spend most of our time indoors using computers and watching televisions for hours at a time. No wonder we are down with different ailments because we lose contact with Nature which is our best teacher.

Good News is that there are more and more raw food movements educating us the truth about raw foods that can heal us better than cooked food. Loren Lockwood taught the eight laws of Optimum Health which can improve our life in general. 

The eight laws are:

1. AIR - deep breathing is the most important.

2. SUN - we would benefit from more time in the sun daily.

3. WATER - pure water without any chemicals.

4. RAW FOOD DIET - our human body is designed to eat raw food and not cooked food.

5. EXERCISE - at least one hour of exercise daily to improve our blood circulation, to make use of all our muscles otherwise they would atrophy and to prevent obesity. Now in the USA one in every three person is obese!!! Yoga is the best because most of our muscles are stretched.

6. REST - Regular hours of sleep is important to "recharge" our brains and our energy levels.

7. FASTING - for the best method for detoxification, fasting gives our body an opportunity to do a through "housecleaning".

8. EMOTIONAL POISE - It is significant to improve our attitude with deep gratitude with so many blessings that we have. Without the ideal attitude, the seven laws are wasted!


  1. Thanks, Willa May! How very attuned this is for me to see this post because this coming Feb. 1st, I am going to detox again following a certain detox program and return to raw foods as well. I cannot wait!

    I am going to print your list and hang it up next to my desk to keep me in check every time I look at it.

    By the way, I hear your name often through my good friends, Alynn D. and Brenda L. here in AZ. Also, through Jimmy G. from MD. Hope we both meet one day soon.

  2. I second Veronica. I am trying to start vegetarian raw diet full time as I get more comfortable with this approach.

    Variety in raw food is what I struggle with. I eat fruits in the am, spinach salad with all other vegetables thrown in and fruits for lunch. Nuts, raisin and dried fruits for snack. Dinner is something I have to figure out besides eating fruits again! :)

    I have started my dogs on meat raw diet over a month ago or so and am glad I did! They are carnivores and are entitled to it.

  3. I like the importance of adhering to #8.
    Namaste to that. :)

    I will print it out for the office tomorrow. Thanks, Willia May!

  4. Kudos to May - an individual who introduced me to raw food. Although I am not a 100% raw. I am mostly raw. I had to smile at the rules, for they are so true. I wake up each morning at 4 30 or 5 am without an alarm because my body is attuned to sleep in earlier. I meditate, run, work out, and remember to try and continously feel good. Feeling good brings the body good. So kudos again to May for her clear set of rules. Dina

  5. May,
    Thanks for posting up the basic laws of living! Of course, we all shouldn't refrain from living our lives to its fullest!

    "You're never too old to become younger." ~ Mae West