11 January 2009

What is Weather Glass Barometer?

Dan Murdoch explains what the weather glass barometer is and how it works. It can forecast what the weather will be like in the next two or three days. If you are interested to learn more about different weather barometers after viewing the video,
go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barometer

If you are using a weather glass barometer at home,
please share your experience with us.

Thank you, Dan Murdoch, for sharing this video on YouTube.
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  1. wow, mind blowing! never realized we could simply use water to predict weather. we can even make our own using home materials:


    this would be a fun science project! thanks for sharing :)

  2. It is amazing. We can save energy from not always having to check weather on TV or internet with the glass barometer :)

  3. katherine, no wonder animals know before us when severe thunderstorms or stuff like that comes by - they're sensitive to weather pressure. we were probably sensitive too, but lost it when we started depending on modern technology :)

  4. We have a lot to learn from them if we give them a chance. Maybe we do not have what is given to them but more reason for us to cherish and value them.

    I found it beautiful that there was a very few dead animals during the massive tsunami in Phuket a few years ago. Before tsunami hits, the animals moved up to the mountains. Some humans were saved for following them.

    Who are humans to think we are superior than animals? We are inferior until we see animals as our equal or even better than us.

  5. I agree the weather glass barometer will save us energy somehow. It is very handy to have in the country when there is no TV, computer, or radio around.

    I agree about animals. Here's what I found to support both of your points:

    "Canines are more sensitive to drops in barometric pressure than humans. Barometric pressure is the pressure of the atmosphere. A drop in pressure means that conditions may be ripe for a storm to develop. A dog may learn to associate this pressure drop with the arrival of a storm."

    Source: http://www.petplace.com/dogs/how-do-dogs-sense-oncoming-storms/page1.aspx

    Both of my arms and shoulders get achy or tensed before the storms, but more so with the rain storms than with the winter storms. That, I don't know exactly why. I feel like I have carpel tunnels or my hands and wrists are feeling somewhat arthritic. I usually start feeling the symptoms two or three days before the rain storm. Once the rain storm passed through, the symptoms disappear.

    When I am out in the country, I can pick up weather patterns easily by looking at the sky, snow, river, animals, and such. It is more difficult to predict the weather in the city because the street lamps and tall buildings obscure the sky view.

    Speaking of Tsunami, a friend Star flew there to volunteer to pick up dead bodies. She mentioned how mostly pets, not wild animals, were found dead. It was interesting to hear that point.

    Only if we could have symbiotic relationships with animals and plants, we would learn so much from them. For cow's bells, animals, and even plants, could save human lives!

  6. Interesting!

    Read this New York Time article published on December 4, 1884.


    Source: http://query.nytimes.com/mem/archive-free/pdf?_r=1&res=9D0CE2D71038E033A25757C0A9649D94659FD7CF

    Arthritis. The Human Barometer?


    Human Barometer
    One Man's Personal Experience

  7. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for embedding my video of weather glass barometer on your blog. Awesome & Amazing!

    Interesting what some comments about different type of forcast tools. Thank for your sharing comments.

    Dan Murdoch

  8. Dan,

    Nice for you to drop in and say hi.

    What do you think about 'human barometer?' Can people, like animals, feel the storms are coming without looking at the weather glass barometer? Curious.

    Thank you for sharing your weather glass barometer vlog with us.

  9. that really cool..........im doin 1 4 my science project at school and im seeing how it works.........i guess i picked somethin that will b fun 2 study........it kinda sounds complacated tho but its ok

  10. Hey Anonymous, if you have anything interesting to share, please leave a comment here. Also, if you want to make a post of your science project results, let us know and we'll do that! Thanks!

  11. thanks for the great article - I was actually planning to write something similar on my website.

  12. @ Mercury Barometer,

    That's great! If you have a new information to share, please let us know. You can leave another comment and provide the direct link to your website for us to see. :)

    Right now Buffalo is having a lot of rainy and cloudy days. I could use the weather barometer to find out when we will have the sun back! Cheers!