06 October 2009

New Pizza Box

Pizza Box of the Future

Remember Raychelle's November 2007 vlog about bringing her own pan when picking up pizza orders? Pizza Goes in Pans not Boxes!

Thanks to Vee Koz, we see that there is another way to reduce waste when eating pizza!

Pizza Box of the Future

Pizza Box Of The Future
Introducing an environmentally friendly pizza box. Do you think this will ever catch on in the USA? I don't think so!


  1. Not sure how this one is environmentally friendly. My understanding is after the box is stained with pizza oil or sauce, it's not recyclable. Am I wrong?

  2. I agree with Katherine's point. I don't think the "Pizza Box of the Future" is environmentally friendly at all. It might help reduce the use of paper plates but that's not enough in my opinion. I like Raychelle's method better!

    I could put pile up the pizza slices on a plate and cover it with another plate and store them as leftovers in the refrigerator. Then I can wash and dry the plates when I'm done eating all of the slices. That is easier than ripping up the pizza box, imo.

  3. Thanks for the compliment. I agree- before playing the video, by simply looking at the title, "Pizza Box of The Future", I thought it was an edible pizza box. Order pizza, eat pizza and the box too! Ha, ha. Food for thought? Ha, ha.

  4. And yes, Katherine, you're right, heavily stained areas of the pizza box are not recyclable. Sometimes if someone orders pizza and it comes in a box, you can quickly take the pizza out before the pizza oil seeps in the box. And recycle the box, that is if the cheese hasn't stuck to the top of the box. Or I tear off the parts that that aren't contaminated by food, and recycle those... For those of you who have a compost, some pizza boxes are compostable (if they're basically cardboard, then cut it up and put in your compost... but if the box is waxy and shiny, then probably not).

  5. Ha-Ha! Raychelle, you are funny! Eating "Pizza Box of the Future" sounds delicious! Maybe put a warning sign on it, "Do not attempt to eat the box"

    Speaking of yummy pizza...

    When I was in Washington DC over the weekend, my couchsurfing hosts introduced me to vegan pizza at the Busboy and Poets restaurant. At first I thought I wouldn't like their vegan cheese pizza but my gosh it tasted ten times better than any regular cheese pizza. I was earthly impressed!! Now I am in Buffalo and I'm craving for their vegan pizza really badly! Yummy! Yummy!!
    Busboys and Poets Restaurant

  6. With that stained box, it may be edible if we are ever stranded on an island. Afterall the paper won't kill us :)

    In regards to the reaction to vegan pizza, that's the same reaction I had when I tasted soy ice cream the first time in limited flavors at this cafe! It doesn't come from a cow at all. Nice to know that you can enjoy food when it doesn't harm the animals in the process. It's nurturing to the mind and soul.

  7. Haha Katherine! I'm sure stained box is edible in a situation like that but I think I would opt for climbing up a tree for the coconut. ;)

    I think all pizza places should carry vegan pizza and all ice cream places should carry soy, rice, and coconut ice cream flavors.

    I think people should convince our Congress to make sure that most of our restaurants across the country have vegan options on their menu. I am a bit bored with veggie burgers and tofu stir fry dishes. In my opinion, I think it is easier and cheaper to make vegan dishes. We need to overcome the common myth that vegan food are too complicated and expensive to make.

    Why are a lot of meat eaters scared to try vegan dishes?? I don't understand that fear.

  8. When I saw this video that was emailed to me, I thought it was alright too. But I felt I needed to share it anyway with you all at EcoDeaf. :) I don't even eat pizza anymore because I stopped eating cheese just few months ago. After years and years of struggle of freeing myself from CHEESE, I finally defeated my cheese addiction!

    I enjoyed all the converstaions in the comments above in tennis head turning style, sort of. Heh. I agree that veggie burgers are quite boring, but house salads can be boring too! Oh well. We'll all get there one day! Having more access to more food on menus elsewhere other than just veggie places. :)

  9. Veronica, I tried soy cheese and they taste good. I use one from www.lightlife.com I just learned that one of the milk I saw in the food supermarket is called soy milk when it's even from a cow. They use language to deceive you. Appalling. We need to do our homework and not be fooled.

    I understand one's feeling about boredom of a certain food. If we think about what the 3rd world population eat as a result of many people who don't opt for vegetarianism -- taking away all the grains that could end hunger in the world, it will remind us not to complain :) A lot of these people barely or have nothing to eat often. I am ok with limited choices for now until that is changed. That's only if more people are willing to change.

    Anthony, I second your frustration and it's not a hard concept to follow by trying vegetarianism. If you take a close look, people tend to go along with the majority and do what most do even if it's not the best or wisest choice. Unfortunately, for most, it's about convenience at the expense of others, be it animals, environment and/or people. It'll be wonderful for everyone involved when people like us become a majority.

    What baffles me is those who are outraged with any violence to humans, esp witih domestic violence, do nothing about the violence to animals of any form. The violence humans do to domestic, farmed or wild animals directly or indirectly is something we never see between animals or even animals to humans.

    Animals ought be the species that we learn from as they do not destroy the earth, water and air, do not mess up the ecosystem, do not waste and do not hurt others. They are the most compassionate beings and greed is a vocabulary that has no meaning to them.

  10. Katherine, you made many good points. I agree with them all except for this one:

    When you said you are okay with the limited choices on the menus in restaurants, it raised my eyebrowns a bit. If we replace meats with vegetarian/vegan options, we will have more grains to share with the homeless people in the US and third world countries to end the world hunger. It takes about 60 pounds of grains to produce one pound of meat. With that insight in my mind, I will not stay comfortable with the limited choices on menus. When I feel my choices are limited in a restuarant, I politely write a brief note saying I would like to see more veggie options on their menus so I can come back and dine there. Sometimes they ask me what can we serve for vegetarians/vegans and I would give them ideas of different veggie food that they can put on their menu. Just my two cents.

  11. Anthony, I agree with everything you said, no doubt about that and I am for changes that you mentioned. What I mean is I'll stick with the limited options until the vegan/vegetarian options expand rather than justifying myself to eat meat. Hope that makes sense and sorry for the confusion!

    And we can even add stained pizza boxes to our list ;-)

  12. Katherine, thanks for clarifying. I believe in "There's room for improvements," so I can be a bit pushy in a good way, like making suggestions. I hope I didn't sound abrasive in my last comment. Haha about the stained pizza boxes idea! Thanks for the laughs again! :)

    Veronica, this thread rocks.


  13. Anthony, Katherine & Raychelle,

    I never expected this thread to run on and on. I thought it would spark just 1 or 2 because I didn't think much of it since I do not eat pizza and was only sharing with the rest of the ecodeaf readers.
    I immersely enjoyed all of the threads back and forth between you 3 people. Thanks for the read!!!

    Blessed Be to all!

  14. Katherine,
    what soy milk was that one you saw that came from a cow? Would you kindly please let us know the brand name so we can avoid it too? Many Thanks!

  15. Veronica, at least you elicited a long and worthy dialogue :) When I go back to that store, I will take a look to get the brand name.

  16. Katherine,
    Ok, many thanks! Will be hearing from you on that. :)