07 October 2009

One World, Two Hands

Found this fabulous ASL song about our Earth on YouTube -
ASL Signer: Jesse Jones III
Background Signers: Julie Fisher & Bethany Hooten
English to ASL translation: Bethany Hooten
Camera Operator/Editor: Eric Calbert


  1. Beautiful and I love it! This is what ASL is and a rarity for a song! Definitely a music to the eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing the positive message! I enjoy watching ASL songs & poems!

  3. love love love this asl music video! This is exactly the kind of asl music videos I enjoy watching-makes me feel like I want to be part of it! :D Watching Jesse Jones is like watching R. Kelly..the blues rhythm...moves...all that jazz. :)

  4. heartie7 - I went a notoriously difficult time finding you. Hit me up on facebook, haven't seen ya for a long-ass time :) - no long, no see.