06 October 2009

Regular Beef or Organic Beef?

Any thoughts on this "Growth Hormone Free Beef" commercial? I'm just thankful I'm a vegetarian :) But yes, that's how cattle, chickens, pigs, are treated - with growth hormones - capitalism at it's best.

Title: Birth
Director: Jeff Aron Lable
Production Company: Go Film
Contact: jlable@gmail.com
Producer: Marcus Cano
Director of Photography: Damian Acevedo
Client/Product: Naturalmarket.com/Hormone-free beef


  1. How do we know these meat do not go to waste when they want to meet the demand of profitable leather business regardless the need for meat?

    I would encourage some meat eaters to go to their local farmer to get their meat. These livestock get to roam around freely and are treated well. Support your farmers as opposed to the greedy and capitalistic industry. My brother got a turkey from a local farmer in his area.

  2. This is very disturbing when I read this:


    After reading some of the comments, I am not even sure if going to a local farmer makes any difference.

  3. I read the link you posted. It talks about industrial beef production, which is very unsanitary to begin with, and that woman (along with a dozen others) got their illness from a corporate meat processing plant. If your local farmer uses a local butcherer, then that should be much more sanitary than large factories, yes?

  4. I do not know too much about it to be sure. If you go to the comment section under #16 by Cheyenne, she shares about a local butcherer that doesn't sound promising.

    Unlike oppressed human groups, animals are not able to speak out about what is really happening. Even some local farmers, butcherers, etc can be tempted by greed as power corrupts.

    It just makes me nervous because animals have suffered enough.