10 November 2009

Freecycle Your Stuff!

OFFER stuff thats been sitting in your attic for too many years.  Post a WANTED ad for materials that you need for your art project.  RECEIVE or TAKE stuff off other people's hands.  Keep trash out of landfills, free up space in your storage area, and save $$.  It doesn't get better than FREECYCLE.  Check their website for freecycle listservs in your area.  www.freecycle.org


  1. I like this idea very much. Before I donate my clothes to a thrift store, I ask my roommates and friends if they want them.

    Also, I have pet peeves when it comes to people holding onto books. I understand that people want a library of their own... to see their threads of knowledge on their shelves... but my question always arise, "Are they going to read the books again if not for references?" then "Are they willing to share or bookswap with friends?"

    I think it is great to have a library as long as books are used again and again to promote the growth of literacy. Books can be expensive for habitual readers.

    And having clutters means more house work to do! I enjoy coming home to a clutter-free house... well it's not like that at the co-op now, but my future home will be like that.

    Freecycle is the style so the house can breathe freely! :D

  2. agreed. you can even post requests for weird things that everyone would automatically throw in the trash. for example someone posted a request for cat litter plastic bucket/pail because she needed a diaper pail for her diapers. what an ingenious idea! reusing something that would have gone to the trash.

  3. I already am signed up in FreeCycle, but I haven't used it yet to post my stuff up on it.

  4. Freecycle is an awesome service! We had some old rabbit cages my husband built. The rabbits died long ago, but knowing the price of rabbit cages I just couldn't bring myself to scrap them. They weren't in good enough condition that someone would buy them. They weighed a lot due to the heaviness of the wood he used. Would cost more to dump than to sell. In the end another freecycler was thrilled to pick them up.

  5. There are some good stuff from freecycle but it's hard to get them because a lot of people want them. It's like winning lottery if you're the chosen one :) Other things that not too many people want, it's not too bad.