05 November 2009

Yoga Classes in NYC... offered in ASL!

For those who live in or near the NYC area and are interested in Iyengar yoga, there are several Yoga classes offered in ASL. Jen Kagan, a certified Iyengar teacher, who teaches in ASL explains about the method that she teaches: "We learn most through visual access therefore all poses and actions are demonstrated and sequenced in such a way that students gain better understanding of themselves."

YOGA CLASSES are offered on:
Mondays 6-7:15
@ Three Jewels, Union Square

Wed 6-7:30
@ La Guardia Community College

There are some video descriptions of yoga and recent photos of ASL Yoga Retreat on her website (Click on the Yoga in ASL links).
Thanks to Jen Kagan for informing EcoDeaf about this!


Photos from jenkagan.net.

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  1. I know there is ASL Yoga classes in Portland, however I'm not sure where to find more info. Ask around :)