18 November 2009

"Going Green": How is it conveyed in ASL?

----> GOING GREEN  <----

Larry Gray posits an interesting question in his vlog, creating space to discuss how we convey the idea of "going green" in ASL.  

He writes: 
This particular vlog inquires about the sign, GREEN, which is generally understood for the color.  However, we have used it to also mean being environmentally-conscious.  I pose a question which I'm sure the Deaf community would like to discuss.

Let us know what you think! 


  1. if we fingerspell it out, "E-C-O." Will it be equivalent to "going green?" Either way, Larry brought up a very good topic - something to ponder about...

  2. definitely thought provoking, thanks for the vlog! i thought about how i signed it and i realized i signed green as in eco-friendly differently from green as in the color green. i sign the eco-friendly version as one long movement with a twist at the end, as opposed to short two movements for the color green. have you seen this? what do you think?

  3. hmmm....good point with the movement...will explore that deeper

  4. cool topic! if i am in the mode where i likened myself to borrow a lexical from English, i would sign BECOME GREEN for "go green' to describe self's position on going green. if i am in an absolute ASL thinking mode, i sign according to its naturally occurring syntax where it'd be signed this way without an equivalent sign to English's 'green.' For instance, i would the phrase like this BECOME ENVIRONMENT KNOW (on one side of forehead) KNOW (on the other side of forehead) PERSON or something like that. hmm??

    greenly yours!

  5. I like this v-log. It sure made me become inquistive in how to sign the word "going green." I think Raychelle made a good point that it made me recognize when I sign "eco-green," I notice I move the letter "G" like I'm signing the word leaf.

    Apparently the word green itself has different allusive meanings, so I look forward to seeing an agreement on a new sign word for "going green." A fun eco-project & discussion!

    Green Thumbs Up for this V-log, Larry!

  6. Great discussion! I would think one who is "going green" by starting to respect the environment then going into more with understanding what is "eco" is all about. I normally fingerspell "GREEN" in emphasizing the eco aspect of it. I do like Anthony's idea of G letter in leaf sign. Simple.

  7. Stimulating discussions here.

    I think fingerspelling ECO is self explanatory and unique. It has a nice ring to it.

    Also, I like Sarah's version of how to say go green in a way that departs from too much influence of English. Perhaps the glossed English is a bit lengthy but if we come up with something brief enough, it'll be good, like ENVIRONMENT CHERISH as to mean green.

    Larry, thanks for the interesting vlog.