01 December 2009

Breast is Best!

Did you know that the international breastfeeding symbol was designed by a deaf person? Matt Daigle created this icon which is now used worldwide.

Theres even a facebook group for deaf breastfeeding moms as well for information and support.  


  1. That is inspiring! I have to share this with my mother. My mother is a maternity nurse that teaches new mothers on how to breastfeed their infants for over thirty years. Namaste to Matt Daigle for creating such a powerful worldwide symbol!

  2. yeah!!! here's some more info on mothering.com: http://www.mothering.com/motherings-breastfeeding-symbol-contest-has-winner

    and the senate just passed a nationwide bill that will give nursing mothers more breaks to pump milk in the workplace. not all states protect the mother's right to breastfeed in public though...hope that'll change one day!! :) breastfeeding is absolutely natural, healthy, beautiful and there is nothing obscene about nurturing a baby.

  3. Marisa,
    Damn right that there is nothing obscense about nurturing a baby. I strongly support and believe that women should be able to breastfeed their babies anywhere in public. It's so very natural and the baby has got to eat a lot! All of my materal ancestors breasfed, my mother breasfed me and I intend to breastfeed my future baby. (I do not have kids...yet) I read a lot articles or chapters or anything about breastfeeding. I wholeheartedly hope & pray for all states to let it go and give all mommies a break!