05 December 2009

Deaf Breastfeeding Symbol Found in Various Places

Earlier, there was a post on EcoDeaf about Breast is Best, which shared that Matt Daigle, a Deaf man, designed the now international symbol for breastfeeding.

I read that post, and then the very next day, I went to a DC coffeeshop on H street Northeast, and saw a thick stack of postcards with Daigle's Breastfeeding symbol and some information about DC laws related to breast feeding! Here are the photos:

Where else have you seen Daigle's symbol?


  1. I saw one posted at the door and window of Chakra 4 in Phoenixa couple months ago! I knew what the symbol meant and the story behind it. Thanks for sharing, Raychelle!

  2. i was with deaf258 when he saw that sign at chakra 4. :)

  3. Birthcare and women's health in Alexandria, VA has this symbol posted on their front door. A great place for those seeking natural childbirth. www.birthcare.org