20 December 2009

Infinite Light: Interpreter Position Available

Interpreter Position Available at Infinite Light
(Ayahuasca Shamanic Healing, Deaf-Friendly) Summer 2010

Hey guys, we have an amazing opportunity for an ASL interpreter who is interested in a potentially life-changing experience!

Who we are looking for:

Our intention is to bring in an interpreter who is also interested in working with the Shamanic Ayahuasca Medicine themselves (during the actual healing ceremonies, the interpreters are not working and are able to have their own experience). The first step would be to visit the Infinite Light website and read through it, including the article 'What is Ayahuasca Really' on the front page, as well as watching the YouTube video linked to the site. If the interpreter has a personal draw towards this kind of work, the energetic match is much better. Being in a small village, the interpreter needs to be a relatively laid-back, flexible person, who is willing to step out of their comfort zone and experience a whole other world.


Location: Jenaro Herrera, small village outside of Iquitos, Peru (Amazon region)
Dates (to be in Peru): May 15th - August 4th, 2010
Compensation: Airfare covered, even trade on participation of six Infinite Light programs ($2500 value), food stipend for in-between group stay in the village
Interpreting Expectations: During each 10-day group session (with five days off in between each) the interpreters will be supporting communication during set meeting times (no more than one per day) and available for chatting between the Deaf and hearing group members as needed. During the first two groups, there will be only one Deaf person (a return guest who is very self-sufficient) and the final four groups at least three (or more) Deaf (plus a co interpreter, and a third for backup).

If you or someone you know is interested or would like more information after going through the website www.infinitelightperu.com), please contact Meghan at infinitelightperu@gmail.com (feel free to forward this email appropriately). Also any Deaf who are interested in attending the program, contact us as well. This work can change lives:)

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