29 November 2007

Arielle McCarthy

Bay Area, California

California School for the Deaf,
4th grade student, Fremont

ecoskills/interests semi-vegetarian since birth, truly an animal lover, eating organic food 95%, love raw food, help mom with raw food prep, anti-animal products garment and footwear, love writing, photography, video-producing, art, nature and wildlife insects, ASL storytelling, observing details i.e. animals, people and insects behaviors, science-fiction books, some sports, vlogs, and organic gardening.



  1. welcome, arielle! i'm curious about what kind of anit-animal garment and footwear you like to use?
    thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing--I love to learn more about what you're doing. Hurry--do spill the beans on a vlog! I never met a Deaf vegetarian since birth.

    You inspire me!


  3. Arielle and Sunshine
    You may want to meet another Vegetarian since birth. Her name is Jehanne McCullough. You can see her bio at EcoDeaf.


  4. My mom has some organic and hemp clothes herself. She bought a vegan shoes from www.mooshoes.com when she was in NYC visiting. My parents went to the Green Festival in SF recently and my mom told me that there was no organic cotton/hemp clothes for kids my age. They have clothes for babies. I will wait two or three more years then my mom will buy me some organic clothes.

    I wear what everyone else wears minus they are not the products of the animal. The hat on the picture is from a Whole Foods store.

  5. arielle,

    would you do a vlog reviewing the mooshoes you have? tell us the good things and the things that could be improved with your shoes... that way we all can think about buying those shoes too! we'd be thrilled to include your vlog reviewing mooshoes on EcoDeaf!


  6. My mom bought vegan shoes for herself. They don't have shoes for kids. I haven't learned how to use vlog yet. :-)

  7. oops i didn't read carefully the first time around. sorry! maybe you can convince your mom to do an EcoDeaf bio and a vlog on the MooShoes! :)

    and...hope you learn how to do vlogs so I can learn from you and your experience! :)


  8. arielle,

    you love writing. do you write any article for me to read yours about your experience when someone eat the meat food and doesn't it bother you or make you any drool after you smell their meat food? my wife is vegan. i do eat meat. oh man, becoming vegan is impossible for me since i was born in vietnam. i love the vietnam foods and smelling it to make me real hungry. my wife hope me to become vegan. that is impossible.

    i am sure many people like us who want to read your article. who knows you will become famous deaf vegan writer like trudy suggs but she is not vegan. lol.

    cuong aka buzz

  9. Hey Cuong aka buzz,

    I never ate red meat before so I have no idea what it taste like. I ate chicken and turkey when i was younger but i stopped. Sometime I miss white meat but I have no desire to try red meat.

    P.S. call me Ari (my nickname)