20 November 2007

Summer 2008: Outward Bound

From Outward Bound Wilderness:

The Open Enrollment deaf course for the summer of 08 will be a
7-day alpine backpacking course in
Colorado. It is open to students aged 18 and above and will be taught in ASL. At least one of the Instructors will probably be deaf or HOH as well. The dates are July 20-26.

Kendra Kurihara
Group Programs Director
Outward Bound Wilderness
Phone: 719-486-2052 ext. 104
FAX: 719-486-2513
P. O. Box 1789
Leadville, CO 80461


  1. YAY, i'm so thrilled they're offering it again! i'm definitely interested and i hope we can revive the OB course offerings (they used to offer 2-3 courses for deaf/hh community each summer, but stopped last summer due to lack of interest, if i'm right.) thanks for sharing!

    go OB go! :)


  2. Yes, you are right. OB did have more open enrollment courses offered in the past. One way for programs such as OB to continue to provide courses Deaf/HoH is for us to contact them letting them know that demand is high. If I get more information about the course itself, I'll certainly post.