14 November 2007

Karen Schettle

location: Silver Spring, MD
occupation: Dental Hygienist/ Deaf - Blind Interpreter/ ASL instructor

eco-skills: recycling as much as possible, organic foods, raw food/ vegan diet, educating the public about improving their oral hygiene
eco-interests: back country hiking-backpacking-camping, biking, snow shoeing, canoeing, white water rafting, snorkeling, traveling, organic gardening, animal lover (rescue any animal if possible), volunteering at the animal shelter, national parks
contact information: karenspager at tmail dot com


  1. Hey Karen,

    Still a HOTTIE after all these years... We got to get together, now that I moved to VA, do some hiking again. Glad to find ya and will email you now after this. KUDOS to the dental hygiene presentation. YOU still ROCK...
    Are you still available? Hee Hee!
    Hugs sweetie!
    Kevin W

  2. Margaret Shoemaker, deaf/ hh teacherJune 4, 2008 at 12:18 PM

    WOW Karen... I'm so happy to see more deaf like you in medical fields, giving presentations to deaf schools. You are living proof that deaf can make it in any field that they choose. I showed your presentation on ecodeaf in my classroom. They were all motivated that they can achieve their dreams. We deaf can do anything but not hear. That will not stop us. Keep up the great work Karen!

  3. Hey Beauty~
    I am so impressed with all the knowledge that you possess. It's been awhile since we hung out and I hope we can do that soon. Maybe the next time I get my teeth cleaned, lets go have dinner. Every time I am in your presence, there is something about you that radiates a positive energy and your faith is amazing. Thank you for the times of encouragement and laughter and I look forward to seeing you every 6 months to get my teeth sparkly white. Thanks for taking the time for educating us and answering questions on this ecodeaf website. God sure blesses people that come across your path. Miss you and your loving hugs ;)
    See you in July in New Orleans for NAD conference.
    Love ya,
    Mark Bradley ~ oh lets do some biking again this summer!