21 November 2007

Plunging in the Freezing Water - all in the Name of our Ailing Environment

Tired of the storms, the global warming, and of peole doing nothing?! Come plunge with us in the frigid water of Chesapeake on December 8th in Annapolis, MD. A bunch of us are doing it to help CCAN continue its battle against global warming.

If you want to register or simply to donate, check out www.keepwintercold.org. If you wonder where to plunge, whether in Maryland or outside of the dear state, that website has all the information, for plunges are happening everywhere, whether in Oregon, Colorado, New York, or Massachusetts. If you registered, Ecodeaf would love to know who is going! Share your name and plunging location in the comments section below.

If you want to learn more about CCAN, check out www.chesapeakeclimate.org. If there are any who are willing to interpret at the event in Annapolis voluntarily, please let me know at dinaraevsky at comcast dot net, so the event organizer can contact you. It will be great if we had two interpreters at the event.

Happy Plunging,



  1. i've registered for the annapolis plunge! see you all there!


  2. I too have registered for the annapolis plunge. Look forward to it!


  3. Just registered! I'll be there to freeze my heinie off. :-)

  4. I didn't register, but I've already donated to CCAN and plan on being there to cheer you all on!

  5. Hi all!

    I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks to Stephanie Deja, who will volunteer to interpret at the Annapolis Polar Bear Plunge. Let's give her one big hooray!

    Dina - a fellow Annapolis plunger