07 January 2008

The 2008 Elections: John McCain

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John McCain For President
by Dina Raevsky

With the Iowa Caucus behind us and the storm building its momentum as the New Hampshire primary approaches us, many of us debate about the presidential elect candidate to vote for. Nonetheless, most of us are still not strong supporters of one specific candidate. Perplexed by the polls, and the myriad of candidates in both the Republican and Democractic avenues, many of us start our loyalty with one brand of candidate and switch to another by the time January 1st had passed by.

I admit I was guilty of that. As a New Yorker, my vote went to Giuliani automatically. After all, I saw the towers collapse and the reaction by our mayor to build our city again. The more time I spent doing my research on each candidate, I came to the final conclusion of voting for senator John McCain. Before you jump at me hollering accusations at McCain's resignation from Gallaudet board and his staunch support of Jane K. Fernandes, do not forget that he joined the board in the first place, for his interest in the deaf community was paramount.

I could ramble about his experience, despite his age, independence of political ties, successful endeavors, and so forth, however, this site's sole interest is our ailing environment. In this, I can assure you, McCain shines.

According to various environmental organization polls, McCain is considered a favorite. For instance, McCain received an endorsement of Republicans for Environmental Protection. Not only did he vote against drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), he has been pursuing climate change legislation since 2003 and was the very first senator to speak up about our environment in the congress. According to EarthMagazine and Newsmax.com, McCain was the one to hold hearings in the senate with his co-patriot Senator Lieberman (who, by the way, crossed party lines and endorsed McCain publically) and passed a global warming legislation, which by far, was the very first senate action that meant business about saving our ailing environment. Additionally, McCain championed the protection of Grand Canyon. What is more, On The Issues website indicates that McCain has an ongoing committment to conserve open space, clean water and air. Additional goals that McCain carries are battery-powered government vehicles, and biofuel advancement.

On a personal level, McCain admits that he feels that he is not doing enough for the environment, despite the fact that his family moved from a large home into a condominum, to save energy, and his daughter drives a Prius. He is aiming to do more for the environment around him.

Please feel free to add any comments, questions, or even debunk some of my comments in a tactful manner, endorsing McCain or other candidates that you feel strongly about as environmental champions that are also great in other areas. Just remember, New Hampshire primary is coming near and if you have not registered to vote yet, go on www.congress.org and scroll to the bottom to download and print voting registeration forms. For Maryland state residents, two changes have occured: the date of our primary has been moved to February 12th and those that are 17 years-old but becoming 18 of age by November 4th are eligible to vote. So come on, come all!


  1. I am strongly an environmentalist however that doesn't mean I would have to vote for McCain. There are many things I don't agree with him so I go for bigger pictures who I feel more comfortable with.

    Of course I was hoping for Al Gore to run but it did not happen.


  2. I cannot vote for McCain for two
    reasons. First, he supports Bush's
    unjustified war and would continue waging against Iraq and might possibly invade Iran if he became president as Bush would have loved to do so.

    Second, I cannot tolerate McCain as a person because he abused his first wife. He still acts as if his newly-wed wife did not exist.
    He married her for her money.

    Therefore, I do not want a president who is a hawk as well as a wife abuser!

  3. Seek Geo, I am very much an Al Gore fan myself, but he is not running. For me, it will be ideal to have a McCain-Gore team. I had heard rumors that Gore is planning to run, but doubt he will be able to so late in the race.

    As for the rumors about McCain's domestic inside information, I cannot vouch for it or against it, for the lack of supporting evidence. Nonetheless, if you look at McCain's track record, you will notice that he succeeded in almost every proposal or project that was generated on the floor.

    Although Bush's Iraq war is not justified, we simply got to finish it. We cannot leave Iraq in shambles with a vulnerable government. It was our mistake and it is time for us to fix it. That is my take on this.

    Again, I strongly encourage you to register and vote for whatever candidate that strikes your interest. There is a registration deadline, but I don't exactly remember it since I registered earlier. I believe it is January 22nd for the state of MD.