14 January 2008

Composting in the city...

Want to learn how to compost?
In this ASL vlog, Jody shows how you can turn your food trash into DIRT!!

One of the best things for the environment is to create more dirt... instead of losing nutrients that the earth needs to the landfills, do it in your backyard.
No backyard? Even flower boxes outside your apartment window will do... or anyplace that needs soil, the flowers, trees, and worms will thank you. Let's give back to the earth!

For more information about how to compost if you live in the city, you can borrow from your local library: "Urban/Suburban Composter: The complete guide to backyard, balcony, and apartment composting" by Mark Cullen and Lorraine Johnson.
Or buy the book and pass it around to friends.
For general backyard composting- "Backyard composting" by Harmonious Technologies is a good how-to book.


  1. i want to learn how to make a compost box. like, i saw some people have a way of composting things in a box with worms, and they kept it in their kitchen somewhere... best thing about this: no smell!

    HOW is this possible? p.s. i dont want to buy a friggin book.

  2. Yes, dog food... the method of composting with worms is called vermicomposting and it is also a very efficient way of indoor composting.

    Since you "dont want to buy a friggin' book" may I suggest Googling vermicomposting (lots of online information about what you can/can't give them, how to build a bin, how to get the worms, etc). Your local public library would have books you can BORROW, and check your local waste/recycling management company to see if they have information on different kinds of composting systems. Some cities have established "starter" programs for free or a minimal charge.

    Also ask around your community about others who have their own vermicomposting system at home. The worms breed rather quickly, so I'm sure someone would be happy to give you a bunch to start with.

    Thanks, Jody

  3. sweet! thanks for all the information. I can't wait to get started.

    Can you recommend a good cheap solar powered wall or ceiling lighting that doesn't get hot and is bright enough to be able to read the newspaper in a small room?

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