21 January 2008

The Greenest Home in DC area

In this ASL vlog, you will see the eco-home of Mike Tidwell, the director of Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN), his corn-burning home heating stove, a solar food cooker, rain barrels that catch rooftop runoff, photovoltaic barbeque grill than runs on corn kernels, solar hot water system, hybrid cars, and short snippets of gReEn Deaf folks who came by!

WARNING: This vlog was filmed on a borrowed camcorder which was set at "night-vision", thus the reason why about 25 minutes of outdoor footage had to be deleted due to being too "white". We kept just a few clips of the outdoor section for this vlog, and we apologize for subjecting your eyes to the brief, albeit washed out clips, especially at the end with the Deaf folks signing to the camera. Rats!

Check out previous posts about this event and Mike's eco-home:

Special thanks to Sara and Heather, Gallaudet students majoring in interpreting who came by to volunteer their services!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your video soon (it was not up this afternoon) The rain barrels on display were presented by www.aquabarrel.com from Gaithersburg, MD

  2. aquabarrel,

    the video's ready. hmm. i checked it using two different web browsers (safari and firefox) and the video showed on both. i'll check with my friends using other computers to see if the video is running. thanks for letting me know.

    and thanks for sharing the website of the rain barrels! unfortunately you'll see the video of any outdoor equipment (such as solar panels, the solar oven, hybrid cars, rain barrels, etc) were washed out so badly by the 'night vision' setting on the camcorder. the only good video came from inside the house (the corn heating stove and inside the shade of the garage such as the corn heated bbq). sorry we weren't able to include footage (if any) on your barrels :( but again, thanks for the website!