05 July 2008

Eco-Home Depot?

Home Depot has a new website, Eco Options at Home Depot, which includes a national CFL light bulb recycling program, how to make your home energy efficient, conserving water, making a healthy home, ensuring clean air and purchase of sustainable forestry items among many more options!  

There are also frequently asked questions section such as the difficult question of reusing an old appliance or purchasing an Energy Star appliance... Or where to dispose of carpets.  Or how to deal with toxic wall/door finishes.  

Check it out at:   Eco Options at Home Depot


  1. Candace A McCulloughJuly 6, 2008 at 3:30 PM

    Handwaves for Home Depot! Raychelle, thanks for sharing the link with us.


  2. This is a really far out website! Thank you for sharing!

    This proves my friend's point who is a house constructionist. He said there are more eco-houses being built this year than in the last ten years altogether. ;)