11 July 2008

Planet Green

KJ Balogun shares...

If you get information and/or inspiration from the television, here is a channel that offers information on green living.  

The Discovery network has Planet Green
If you want to know which channel it is on in your area, check this out: 


KJ Balogun shares that even though the video streaming online is not accessible, the television show itself is captioned...

"Very interesting stuff which includes information on which celebrities are green conscious, and the ideas are amazing there.  For example, I caught Cindy Crawford commenting that she wants to do research before switching to gasoline cars with Electric Cars or Hybrids (Prius) because she had to spend nearly $100  just to fill up.   Jay Leno said, "If you do not believe in Al Gore's Global Warming information, then believe in Self-Sufficiency.  I don't see why we can't do things for ourselves." 

KJ has also contacted Discovery Channel inquiring about making online video streaming captioned and encourages you all to do the same if you want to see online videos captioned!


If you'd like to see Discovery's other shows centered on green living check out an earlier EcoDeaf post: Discovery Home Channel Green Shows

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