03 July 2008

Erika Thompson

Riverside, CA

EcoQuest natural purifying home laundry installment to eliminate use of soap or hot water, energy-saving light bulbs, Klean Kanteen water containers, re-filling mugs for tea/coffee, glass or BPA-free bottles for children, handmade tote and canvas shopping bags, cloth napkins, absorbable re-useable cleaning cloth, organic paraben-free toiletries/cosmetics, environmental/health friendly home cleaning products, produce from local farmer's market, organic food, organic tea, eliminated toxic candles, unplugging house appliances, hanging laundry sheets outside and clothing halfway through its dryer cycle, repairing or donating clothes, saving items for re-use and conserving water since a child, creating new greeting cards out of old cards, minimizing purchases, now selecting Eco-friendly clothing (organic cotton, linen, silk, USA-made) and furniture (bamboo), home orchards and expanding-herb/vegetable gardens, calling companies to stop mailing catalogs . . .

gourmet organic cooking, natural healing home remedies, sewing, raising children "green", reading Eco-literature, slowing down Global Warming, transforming school/workplace to green consciousness, working toward exclusively online bills, camping and outdoor activities on land or waves, ASL/English Bilingualism, Deaf Community, Deaf Theatre

contact info/blog/website:
CalifErika at aol dot com
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