24 November 2008

Happy Tofurkey Day for Vegans/Vegetarians!
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Top Green Thanksgiving Day Tips

1. Know your guests
For most families, tradition sets the precedent for who shares the Thanksgiving meal and a clever Evite can set the tone for a truly special event.  Make sure you determine any special food needs your guests might have. Are they vegan? Vegetarian? Pescetarian? Do they have food allergies? Timeline: Two weeks out.

2. Plan your meal
Write down your selections, then make a shopping list, separating it into items that you can shop for in advance, and those you need to buy the day before. If you want a heritage and/or organic turkey, make sure you get your order in before they sell out. Timeline: Two weeks out.

3. Shop for your staples and non-perishable items
Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to hit up your local farmers' market for organic, locally-sourced produce. Since these traditional recipes typically rely on food that's in season, you can pretty much find everything you need in the way of root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams) as well as specialty items like honey or even beeswax candles to adorn your table. Timeline: One week out.

4. Clean house
Using non-toxic cleaners can make your house sparkle without chemicals. Run out of sink or tub scrub? Mix up some baking soda and water (here's a recipe we like). Wondering how to get your windows squeaky clean? Try vinegar and newspaper.  Timeline: The day before.

5. Decorate lightly
Eschew the traditional wreath in favor of one made from living, organically grown succulents and cacti. Recycle old wrapping paper or the funny pages and cut them into snowflakes to put in the window or hang from thread over your table. Make your table arrangements from organic flowers, or collect bouquets from your yard or neighborhood (adding herbs like rosemary and lavender make for gorgeous, fragrant bouquets).  Timeline: The day before.

Curiosity piqued?  For the remaining 5 tips, including the Big Day, click here!  

Source: http://planetgreen.discovery.com/go-green/thanksgiving-day/thanksgiving-day-tips.html

EcoDeaf's Suggestion:
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for Thanksgiving day.
Enjoy! Have fun! Be Safe!

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