30 November 2008

Take the Polar Bear Plunge!

The National Polar Bear Plunge, on January 10, 2009.

Who says fighting global warming can’t be fun? You're invited to join us all on Saturday, January 10th for a quick plunge in freezing water as part of the National Polar Bear Plunge. Never done something like this before? Don’t fret - it is loads of fun, a real peak life experience. 

You know how serious the situation is. EcoDeaf has made great strides nationally through our advocacy and educational efforts, including last year's 30+ Deaf/ASL folks jumping into the Chesapeake Bay (click here to go to last year's vlog!)!

We need your help to keep the momentum going. Please join us in making our Polar Bear Plunge a great event, and raising awareness – and money – to step up our fight against global warming. Take the plunge with me, or support others who are with your pledges – and let your friends and family members know, and encourage them to jump as well!

We look forward to sharing a brisk, climate-saving dip with you and a celebratory cup of hot chocolate on January 10th!

Find your plunge location at www.keepwintercold.org



  1. Nice pictures! I would love to participate if I am in the neck of the woods.

  2. anthony, you can participate in a local plunge in your area or set a plunge up in your area!


  3. I looked. There is no local plunge event in the WNY area this year.

    I have legal concerns about starting the Plunge event.

    I sent my inquiries through "Contact Us" on their website.

    Here is what I wrote:

    Today is December 15, 2008. I am curious about hosting the Plunge event in Buffalo, New York. I have legal questions, like finding out which beach is open to the Plunge event and is it required to have a lifeguard on duty? Do we have to ask for the permission from City Hall to host the event? If 2009 is not looking good because of the timing situation, how would I better prepare for 2010? I would be glad to start a Plunge event for next year if I am still in the area. Thank you!

    Best Regards,
    Anthony Brucato

    I will let ya'll know once I hear back from them.