28 November 2008

HVAC Filters - Washable & Reuseable

by EcoDeaf contributor, Katherine

For last four years I have been using disposable filter. In wintertime, it is recommended to replace filter monthly. Today I went to the store to get a new filter, I discovered there is now a eco-friendly washable, reusable filter! It is called WEB (washable electrostatic filter). It lasts for 10 years and would save us 120 disposable paper filters! Isn't it amazing?

I got mine from Home Depot - a bargain, considering they're reusable (saves you trip to the store to buy more filters, and saves money over time)!  Check your local hardware store - they might carry those!

By EcoDeaf contributor, Katherine


  1. Wow. That's a great saving! I wonder how much did a disposable furnace filter or a package of it normally cost for you?

  2. I got the approval to buy a washable & reusable furnace filter here at Plankton Co-op House. I never took care of furnace filter before, so this is a new eco-project for me.

    For this house, I have to buy the 25x16x1 furnace filter.

    Once I get the money from the treasurer of Plankton Co-op, I will run to the nearest store and look into both disposable furnace filters and reusable filters to compare prices. Then I will use the math formula to figure out the saving cost from using the reusable filter which I will post it here eventually.


  3. no, create a new post on ecodeaf and share with us all instead!!! i'd be excited to learn about your experience.

    fyi, i had to order mine from WEB site because Home Depot didn't carry the sizes I needed for my home - waiting for them to arrive :)

  4. Sure. I will see about making a post. Maybe vlog if someone could record it for me.

    Bummer about not finding the appropriate filter size for your furnace. I did not have much choices at the store, too. I found the Web Plus Washable Three Electrostatic Filter, the fully adjustable to fit standard sizes from 14"x20" to 20"x 25" at the nearest Home Depot store.

    I had to adjust it down to
    15 5/8"x 24 5/8" by trimming it. It took me about an hour to do the project. Very easy. It cost me 20 bucks, which was much cheaper by about five to ten dollars and minus the shipping and handling fee from not ordering it online. It's washable and reusable for at least ten years!

    This was a fun eco-project! And the Planktonites are happy, too! :)

  5. Hey Anthony!

    Sorry for being late :(

    A disposable furnace filter costs me about 5 bucks or so. It is recommended to change filter monthly in the wintertime for air quality and energy purpose. Imagine the amount of $ I have shelled out prior to my discovery of the reusable furnace filter and how much I have already contributed to the landfill!? Now I'm a happy camper.

    I would love to see more households adopt the idea of buying the reusable furnace filter.


  6. Katherine, thank you for sharing it with us and you indeed convinced me. :) I got the reusable furnace filter for the Plankton Co-op housing and we like it! :)

    Thank you again for changing the world! :) Looking forward to hearing more of your new green-saving ideas in the future.

  7. Oh, it's like one of the features of my Edmonton HVAC in house. It's very convenient to have one, especially that the weather is so unpredictable these days. We all need to have some cooler atmosphere during the heat (Edmonton-area) in summer days.