28 May 2010

Be Prepared to be RAWKED!~

Opening 2nd week of June 2010!!

Rawk Star Cafe
32522 US Hwy 19N
Palm Harbor, FL 34684

Eat Like a “Rawk” Star

Come in a check out our Raw-to-Go selection of conveniently pre-packaged Organic RAW-VEGAN Food Items …for ANY time of the day! We also have Hand-Crafted Raw Chocolates, Desserts and Snacks…ALL freshly made in house!! We make GOING GREEN easy …from the inside out!!
I'm PROUD of them and honored to be part of this shining moment! We will RAWK you!!~
Let's RAWK on!~


  1. Awesome! Now I understand why you used the word, "rawk" frequently elsewhere.... Too bad it's about 15 hours away from where I live. Soon soon, a Rawk Star cafe will need to be set up in Washington, DC!

    Like whole foods, I"m sure you guys give once a month or so workshops on how to make this or prep this? I'd so totally sign up/pay for these... come and set one up here in DC? :D I"d help!!!!

  2. Yeppers, now you understand why we use "RAWK" everywhere!

    Just so you know, I'll be working with these folks until Oct. Come Oct, I will be relocating to WA, taking a road trip (from FL to WA)! Along the way, I will be giving workshops (if confirmed, 9 in total!) - "Raw Implements", "Raw on the Road", and one more we haven't decided on the title yet. It will be in Austin, TX; Phoenix, AZ; San Fran, CA; Salem, OR; and Portland, OR.

    Once I'm settled, I will host another in Seattle, WA! Ohhhhhh, the FUN!~

  3. Smiling... RAWKKKK! :)

    Will you do another EcoDeaf post later with finalized dates/times/locations of your workshops? If I happen to be in one of these areas while you're going through, i would LOVE to take your workshop!

  4. Yes, I will and I promise!! I should have the confirmation sometime in June, after the DWU have their board meetings, and after I hear from few others as well.

    I do hope that you do COME!! It would be FAB to see you again as well as to explode your mind away!~

  5. Looking Rawkward!!!! I don't know if that phrase works but heh you get what I mean :)