08 May 2010

Cutting your Hair? Reuse it for the Gulf Oil Spill!

Watch this fascinating 3-minute educational video about how our hair collects oil quickly and can help lessen the impact of oil spills like the recent one in the Gulf of Mexico. Makes sense... you shampoo because hair collects oil! That means it can collect petroleum oil spills too.

Make sure when you have your hair cut, to combine your hair with others at the salon and have them mail hair to Matter Of Trust non-profit organization.


  1. Drill, Baby, Drill
    Spill, Baby, Spill
    Clean, Baby, Clean

    .... when will the ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico be once again restored? I wonder...
    yup, fish oil is good for you. (pun intended)

  2. Hahahaha! That's a good one, Anthony

    This whole oil drill thing makes me sick. Why can't all cars be replaced with electric ones? We can function and live without oil. I just don't get it.

  3. i agree :(

    it's complicated why electric cars have a hard time making it to the mainstream, but yay- there's a new one:

    nissan leaf

    reasons why electric cars aren't widespread:

    1) there's no way to regulate electric tax for "refueling" cars. you see, when you fill up your gas tank, you pay taxes which pay for roads, pothole repairs, etc. for more information on gas tax vs electric tax, click here.

    2) watch "who killed the electric car" documentary

  4. I just don't get it about the oil industry too.

    Obama was definitely centered about the oil industry. Not too long before the explosion of the oil rig on 4/20/2010, Obama created the new energy bill and gave the speech about the plan to remove ourselves away from depending on foreign oil and drill for off shore oil around the US coast while at the same he touted for raising the national standard on gas mileage on fleets to burn less gas and oil. That's such a hybrid solution and it will not work in the long run especially when the majority of Americans could have own electric cars by now... ahem...ten years ago. Who Killed the Electric Car was ominous to watch especially when the government raided and seized electric cars from environmentally conscientious owners. It is nice to see electric cars back on the market. It is a good start but I still don't buy the tax argument. There are always ways to tax something whether it's electric fuel or not. People grew homegrown tomatoes for personal consumption for many, many years and it didn't stop the government from earning tax money from tomatoes sold in supermarkets. I don't see any logical reason in the tax debate with electrical fuel.

    It is hard for many people to give up the dependency of cars right away but if we really want to hurt the oil industry until more eco and alternative cars (preferably mass transportation trains and fleets) are available, we can do this:

    1. Live in the city, not the suburb.
    2. Live close to work
    3. Ride bicycle instead of driving when possible
    4. Reduce the purchase of plastic materials.
    5. Support The Active Transportation Act.

    Our worldly ecosystem has to become much more important than making money and tax. Let's see if more people will refuel that thought in their heads after the very recent oil spill.

  5. Let's hope this become reality and politics are put aside: