23 May 2010

Clothes Swap - A Smart Way to be Green and Glam!

Old clothes shouldn't die. They should find new life with a proud new owner. How? By swapping clothes!

Clothes swap is a new eco-community trend that explores creative reuse through the recycling of used clothing.

Several of my friends and I are planning a Clothing Swap event next weekend in Austin, TX. We are hoping it will be successful. Planning to be in the area? Bring your unwanted clothes to Gateway Community Center on June 5th.

Not in the Lone Star state? Don't fret, there are many ways to become involved in this new trend:

One blog suggests how you can start doing this...

1. Declutter. Clean out your closet and find items to swap
2. Find. Find your buddies who are doing the same... and see if they all are interested in looking for events to swap clothes. Or create your own if you feel like you have enough buddies/people to attend. You can find through...
* View upcoming swaps in community bulletin boards
* Look up clothing swap in your area on this website
* Word of mouth (or hand)
* On Facebook or Twitter
3. Attend. Bring unwanted but fab items in great condition
4. Get pampered. Relax, mingle, and be creative which clothes would look good with those red shoes you just bought.
5. SWAP. Take home your favorites for FREE
6. Feel great. Relish new-to-you items and help a local charity
7. Share. Tell your story on EcoDeaf!

And, a video of what it looks like... (sorry, I tried to find captioned ones- but you can get basic idea from viewing this video).

Happy Swapping!


  1. When I was living at Plankton, clothes swapping was a regular social event. People from the other the co-op house and friends in the community brought boxes and bags of clothes over and swapped clothes.

  2. Wonderful! Here in my community a group of parents host swaps periodically at the community center or farmer's market, with people bringing in gently used baby and children's items. I snagged a couple of really nice cloth diaper covers and left a lot of toys that were quickly taken by other parents.

  3. I recently went to a swap and left with some nice things. It's a fun way to get friends together!