13 May 2010

What Can We Do to Reduce Our Oil Dependency?

Tony Brucato explains in sign language about how the oil spill in Gulf of Mexico negatively impacts our ecosystem and suggests the four ways that we can do to reduce our oil dependency.

After watching the video, please share your ideas and suggestions of different ways in reducing our oil dependency for cleaner planet and better future.



  1. beautiful, green video! nice commentary. i like your suggestions!

    about #3, maybe some people don't see the connection between plastic and oil. maybe you can elaborate?

    again, kudos... and nice hairdo! :)

  2. Thank you for the positive comments, Raychelle!

    To answer the question on suggestion #3, please see The Peak Oil - Visually Explained video

  3. A correction that I need to make on my part in the video.

    Beyond Petroleum is not the name of the company. British Petroleum (BP) is the name of the company. However British Petroleum quote "Beyond Petroleum" on their website. Read how they sum up Beyond Pretroleum