20 December 2008

Awareness, Responsibility & Freedom

Video produced by treesofone, thank you for allowing EcoDeaf to post this wonderful video about the importance of compassion and love for all!


  1. Hey there,

    I really like this flick though I got confused at the part where he woke up--so everything before that was a "deja vu" dream??


  2. interesting. you could say that. while anyone can decide how to perceive the video, i took it to mean that the leading character woke up to a new level of awareness of his choices- to uplift the whole or demoralize the consciousness of others. with awareness, he chose the first.

  3. Yes. I had to see this video twice to review that "waking up" part. I am with Diana that the waking up part and the choice the lead character made at the desk is the symbol of the new change and awareness about the people and the environment around him. Anyone can make the new change and awareness at anytime and anywhere and it does not have to wait until tomorrow.

    This video was artistically well done. I liked how it made me think for a minute! Kudos! Hats off! Both Thumbs up!