07 December 2008

EcoDeaf in NADmag!

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p.s. Although this issue came out July/August, as a green NAD member, I specifically requested that I receive no paper mailings from NAD.  This morning, I found this magazine in my roomate's stash and finally read it for myself!  This article put a big smile on my face! Kudos to Elizabeth Sorkin and her wonderful writing, and Jessica Thurber for the awesome green design!

p.s.s. The first photo of Summer, myself and Shira was taken at an organic fast food restaurant called O'Naturals in Portland, Maine. We loved their organic wraps and soup!  Fast food and organics need not be oxymorons :)  That very same day, after filling ourselves with wonderful organic foods and hiking around Mackworth Island, the home of Governor Baxter School for the Deaf and one of the nation's best bird watching sites, EcoDeaf was born!

p.s.s. The second photo is of Summer Crider holding up the EcoDeaf mast at the Polar Bear plunge last year - click here to go to the photos and vlogs from last year, and to learn about the upcoming Polar Bear plunge on January 10th!

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  1. This is an outstanding and inspiring article! Kudos!

    Elizabeth did a great job with the writing. I like the comments expressed and shared by the two founders, Shira and Raychelle, of Eco-Deaf and how it was conceived, too. I like the part on how Elise Ritchie mailed the letter and convinced the mayor of D.C. to start a regular electronics recycling service. And I love the cover page of the magazine, too!
    Very Earthy!

    Both Thumbs up!