10 March 2008

LNT: Plan Ahead and Prepare

When we PLAN AHEAD AND PREPARE in various aspects of our lives, we minimize the impact we have upon the environment and have a more safe and enjoyable experience.

Check out this vlog and www.lnt.org for information on the first principle of Leave No Trace: Plan Ahead and Prepare.


- before going on trips, become familiar with possible weather changes and pack appropriate clothing, shelter, and gear
- plan trips to avoid crowds and increased trail use
- use a map/compass to navigate in order to avoid the need to mark the way with paint, etchings, and cairns
- repackage food in advance and reuse/recycle unneeded items

We can also keep this in mind in our daily lives!

- plan trips/errands so that they occur in similar in the same time frame - this reduces car pollution
- use maps/GPS to plan the route of our errands to avoid engine idling
- keep a cloth bag in our car/bike so it is always available when we go shopping

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