29 March 2008

Outward Bound - Colorado - July 20 - 26, 2008

Interested?  Time's a wastin'...get busy and apply!  This costs $1,495, including 'lodging', 'food', transporation from Denver to the trailhead, instruction about the wilderness and outdoors, and loaner equipment such as backpack, foam, tent and sleeping bag.  You will be responsible for your transportation to Denver.

Scholarship funds are distributed first come first serve.  Contact Wendy Coombs at wcoombs@outwardbound.org for the application package.

You will receive 12 attachments which includes fitness expectations, what to pack, medical form, scholarship form, and so on.  Think about it!  :)


  1. Im curious.. what are the fitness expectations?

  2. The best way to get information is to contact Outward Bound directly because each course varies. However, as a former OB participant, if you are generally fit and able to acclimate to high altitudes, a trip through the Colorado Rockies is possible.

  3. rp,

    it's about 2 pages long, but basically you can give yourself 3 tests to pass before you go off on the trip. you should start training at least 8 weeks before the trip. and then be able to (test #1) walk 3 miles on hilly terrain in 45 minutes or less. test 2#: run 3 miles in 35 minutes or less. test #3: swim 1/4 mile in 10 minutes or less. work up to 40 - 45 minutes of continuous running. etc.