26 March 2008

Top Ten Worst Corporate Criminals to Avoid

I personally love top ten lists. It just makes my life easier, and I hope it does the same for you :)

10 of the Worst corporate Criminals to Avoid

1) Wal-Mart
2) ExxonMobil
3) Coca Cola
4) Nestle
5) Monsanto
6) Sears Roebuck
7) Dominion
8) Citigroup
9) Sara Lee
10) McDonald's

For more information on each corporation and why they are 'criminals' in our
Green eyes, click here to go to Co-op America website.


  1. I can't find the top ten in the website link that was provided, just a list of different companies. I know Nestle has violated the international formula advertising rules repeatedly by convincing third world mothers that formula is superior to breastmilk, even though they don't have access to clean drinking water for mixing formula. Check out www.babymilkaction.org and remember, breast is best for the protection of the environment.

  2. rp, you're right, there's no top ten in that link I put up. I got the top ten list in a letter from Coop-America, and it directed me to www.coopamerica.org and to click on Responsible Shopper (which is where the link takes you).

    In Responsible Shopper, you can find Nestle or Coca Cola and click on them and find out why they're corporate criminals. You'll be shocked at what they've done. For example,

    "In Colombia, workers at Coca-Cola bottling plants have had their safety threatened and even been murdered by Colombian paramilitaries for trying to unionize.
    • Coke's bottled water operations have made it the focus of at least two international water rights campaigns, as the company continues high-volume pumping in areas where extreme shortages of potable water are already a problem."

    We're not just destroying our insides with that Coke poison, but we're destroying the people and the environment and taking the water away from people who desperately need them.

    Be a responsible shopper! I know I try...

  3. It would be better to buy everything made locally, at least in the US we have strict labor laws. The only downside to that is higher cost, because we are paying for the workers' health care, environmental protection, etc. I think that's well worth the price..

  4. Monsanto did not come as a surprise to me - nonetheless, I do have mixed feelings about that genetic engineering company. It is famous for making pesticides that are harmful to the environment, yet it is also famous for altering vegetables to become resistant to certain diseases, bugs, etc. Those are the famous "hybrids." According to an agriculture biotech book that I have read, there are no long term side effects - but then again, there are not enough longitudinal studies considering the fact that genetic engineering of crops is a pretty new field.


  5. Dina, did you see www.coopamerica.com under responsible shopper - there's a long list of monsanto crimes... am pasting a few here:

    Monsanto is a world leader in pesticide production and genetically modified crops.
    • During the Vietnam War, the US military sprayed a chemical infamously known as Agent Orange across the jungles of Vietnam to reduce tree density, making it easier for soldiers to see the ground. Approximately 72 million liters of this destructive chemical were released and caused severe health defects among the soldiers who handled the chemical, as well as the Vietnamese who were exposed to it. Monsanto was the primary manufacturer of Agent Orange.
    • Monsanto has been accused of turning a blind eye to child labor; contaminating entire communities with harmful chemicals; and bribing foreign government officials.
    • Despite its weekly television program, “American Heartland,” which is aimed at celebrating American agriculture, the company routinely pits itself against organic farmers and is quick to litigate over its patented seeds and crops.

    i never knew monsanto was responsible for agent orange. eeek. that's major. :-/