28 March 2008

Upcoming DeafYoga Retreat

"The DeafYoga Foundation’s mission is to share traditional Yoga teachings with the Deaf and Signing community. Although open to all*, our vision is to introduce and support Deaf people in their efforts to begin a Yoga practice or become an avid instructor in today's world."

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April 4 - 6, 2008
Sivananda Yoga Retreat for the Deaf Community
“Thought Power”
Sivananda Ranch ~ Woodbourne, NY

This traditional Sivananda Yoga Retreat will be focused on Thought Power. Every thought that you have has a size, shape, vibration, density and weight and is sent out into the Infinite Cosmos. This weekend will be focused on the how to acknowledge our thoughts, invite new perspectives and learn to go within. Limit 20 participants. Lila and Srinivasan will guide your weekend of exploration. For more information, please
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Hat tip to RP!

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