12 April 2009

connecting with global activists

written by EcoDeaf contributor, Shay Bertling

probably the most useful, convenient and powerful activism website I came across in my exploration of greener pastures is the action network (www.actionnetwork.org)

their mission statement:

“With over 800,000 members, Action Network is a gateway to online activism centers for over 170 leading environment, health and population advocacy organizations. Action Network ensures that the power to change our world is only as far away as your computer.

With just a click of the mouse, activists can make their voices heard. Action Network partners mobilize activists by e-mail, inviting you to weigh in when it counts by sending a personalized messages to key policymakers–locally, nationally or around the world. Simply reply to that email or click on the web site, personalizing a sample letter that is included. Action Network does the rest, sending handcrafted fax or e-mail messages to elected officials, corporate leaders and other important decision makers.”

So, if you want to reach out and actually do something, rather than only adjust your lifestyle to be friendlier, then this is the site that will either lead you to where you want to go or help you blaze your own green path towards a better future. It connects you with people in powerful positions and enables any individual to be heard, no matter their background, history, or even appearance. Explore the site, and you might be able to figure out whether you’re more of a grassroots activist, or an advocacy activist.

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