27 April 2009

Earth Day Video - Proof CFL Bulbs Rock!

On recent Earth Day (April 22), Jennifer Nasukiewicz, Summer Crider and myself went to the Mall (not an indoor shopping mall, but a outdoor area between the U.S. Capitol and the Lincoln statue). There was an Earth Day celebration, and this awesome hands-on bike shows why CFL's trumps regular light bulbs hands down. 

Go to your nearest hardware store to replace your bulbs at home!  And don't forget to recycle your bulbs- not sure how or where? Type your zipcode here: www.earth911.org


  1. Yay for CFL! I use CFLs where ever possible. I even turn off lights using CFLs when it's not needed. I set up this page at One Billion Bulbs and it's got 15 members. Not too shabby, but could use more :) All together, the group has removed a car from the road.

    But you know what surprised me recently? I was at someone's house (not a friend) and she had her TV and videophone on all the time. 24/7. It never hit me earlier, but when it did, I realized that a lot of deaf people probably were doing this. Televisions consume A LOT more electricity than these old-fashioned bulbs...

  2. In a few years, LED's will be an even better option.


    Heat free technology, lights up faster "You'll never change your bulbs again."
    # Replaces 45 Watts
    # Uses only 3.5 Watts
    # Mercury free
    # Recessed
    # Track light
    # Warm white light
    # 90% More efficient
    # 30,000 Hour life
    # Lasts 20 times longer than 1,500 hour incandescent bulbs
    # Made in USA

  3. This is a really cool video demonstrating that CFLs are better. FYI, I wear my bicycle helmet when I change ceiling light bulbs. JK!

    I agree about LEDS. You can even grow indoor herbs and vegetables using LEDs.

  4. bill, agreed about LED's... I look forward to replacing my CFL's with LED's when their prices go down a bit. of course i'll be recycling my CFLs (maybe I should be donating them to people who are still using regular bulbs!)

    Yes, do join the one billion bulbs group Tayler set up-

    and agreed about VPs :( That's why I want to phase out my VP-200 -and use my laptop/webcam for all my calls. i'm also planning on ditching my dvd player and using my HDMI plug from my laptop to my flat screen HDTV- it looks great... but not sure how my laptop will feel- will all this heavy use wear the laptop out faster? hmm. yes i'm obsessed about downsizing... the less things i have, the better! :D

  5. raychelle, you don't need to throw out your vp. just turn it on when it's being used

  6. yup, both my vp at home and at work are always turned off until I need to use them. i guess i just don't like clutter. right now i have a tv, vp, sorensen router, wireless router, dvd player, cable box, cable modem which is incredibly insane to me (and i know many people have way more, surround sound, blu-ray, vhs, etc, oh boy!!!).

    if i take out the vp, i can take out the sorensen router, and if i can use my laptop as a dvd player, i can take out the dvd player as well. that'll cut down the number of remotes (4 to 2), not to mention the amount of wires & plugs out of my way as well :)

    well, it's just me... i love to find ways to simplify, simplify! (and yes i've played with the idea of a universal remote, and i know i can simply use the sorensen router, but i love my mac wireless router, don't wanna let it go).

    and i wouldn't throw out my vp- i'd give it back to sorensen so they can give it to someone else (and if that doesn't work, i'll e-cycle it.. yes, DC has a electronics recycling program that includes unwanted DVDs, DVD cases, TV, wires, vhs, cell phone, you name it)

    (stepping off my imaginary soap box) :D

  7. I agree with Raychelle about de-cluttering.

    If Sorenson won't take your VP-200 back, please consider donating it to a local Deaf agency before e-cycling it. Deaf Adult Services (DAS) in Buffalo still even accept old TTYs. DAS would then donate those devices to deaf people who are too poor to buy one on their own especially with those who immigrated from other countries.