02 April 2009

Stokemonkey Human Electric Hybrid Drive

Quoted from the Cleverchip website, Stokemonkey bicycles are for:

"...people who want to transport their spouse, their child, and their camping gear dozens of hilly miles offroad and back. It’s for picking up a friend with two checked bags at the airport. It’s for your knees. And if there are thousands of vertical feet between your farmers’ market and your family kitchen, now you can pedal those couple dozen melons home without qualifying for charitable sponsorship.

...people who commute twenty-five miles each way, can’t shower at the office, and never want to sit in traffic.

...people who understand that vehicles heavier than what they carry are inefficient almost by definition; that fiddling with their fuels comes at sustainability problems from the wrong end, and ignores the social and health problems of car dependence in built environments altogether."

How does Stokemonkey bicycles work?

Read more and see videos at Cleverchimp

Thank you, Aaron Stribling, for sharing the website with EcoDeaf.

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