02 June 2008

Smart Strip: Really Smart!

No, this is not about some smart stripper - but about a power strip with a high IQ!

Smart strips have three sections:

- 1 control plug
- several "slave" plug outlets that bow to the "control" plug
- several plug outlets that are just like regular plugs

Whenever the power for the control plug is shut down, all the other plug outlets that bow towards this is automatically shut off too.

For example: Your TV is the control plug. You turn off your TV, and automatically, your DVD, VHS, speakers and stereo are turned off because they are in the "slave" outlets. Your TiVo, VP and router are plugged in the regular plugs and continue to draw power, because you need them on to record shows and receive calls, 24/7.

Why is this important? Any plugged in item you have in your place of residence draws power, even though it may be off. For example, you leave your toaster, rice cooker, pager recharger plugged in 24 hours a day/7 days a week and you use them occassionally. Even though your toaster, rice cooker and pager recharger is not on - they are plugged in, and they draw "vampire" power, and cost you money!

To order environmentally recycled smart strips, click here.

For more on vampire power, click here or view this photo below:

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