03 June 2008

Shamanic Retreat in Peru

Meghan Shannon, whose EcoDeaf Bio is posted below shares some exciting news with us...

Hey everyone, I wanted to make sure everyone knew about the first ever Deaf and Hearing Signers Shamanic Retreat in the Amazon Region of Peru! Historically, it is hard for hearing people to find good, safe, powerful shamans out in these small villages, where spirituality is natural for them. For Deaf it's even harder. To have interpreters there too is near impossible. PLUS interpreters who can interpret from Spanish to ASL! And be relatively affordable. So - we did it! - this vision is coming into reality with the first Deaf session November 10-23, 2008 in Peru!

My name is Meghan Shannon, and I'm a Gallaudet University HUGS program alumni (2003) and DC area interpreter. I am also a shamanic apprentice, back and forth from my spiritual training with the ayahuasca shamans in Peru. The ayahuasca plant medicine is extremely powerful, as it purges dark energies, entities, physical ailments, and emotional and spiritual blockers from the body. It is like a doorway to the Spirit World, allowing access to profound wisdom and healing. It is very intense, and can be impactfully life-changing. I want to make sure the Deaf Community has access to this as well. Please forward this around and share the light within the Deaf World too. If there is enough interest, we will open up a second Deaf session as well.

See my blog link below about my personal experiences with the ayahuasca, as well as a new blog about Deaf and the Spirit World


My info:

WEBSITE: www.infinitelightperu.com
BLOG: http://ayahuascameghan.blogspot.com/
EMAIL: infinitelightperu at gmail dot com
TEXT/VOICE: 703.628.9931


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