30 June 2008

Green Roadside Assistance

Anthony shares information on an eco-friendly roadside assistance:

Did you know...

Triple A (AAA) is not a green roadside assistance company.
It extensively lobbied against eco-friendly measures such as Proposition 87 which aimed to reduce petroleum pollution. Prop. 87 failed.

There is an eco-friendly alternative!
Better World Club (BWC) offers roadside assistance while supporting eco-friendly measures and organizations. It also offers carbon offsets to all members and discounts to owners of hybrid cars. BWC also offers roadside assistance to cyclists!

Check out the article:
Did You Know AAA Is Bad for the Environment? But You Can Get Green Roadside Assistance

For information on Better World Club, click on the logo below:

Roadside Assistance Services from Better World Club


  1. Thank you, Eco-Deaf, for posting this informative piece about Triple AAA and Better World Club.

    I was a bit dismayed that I renewed my Triple AAA in April. Only if I knew about it earlier, I would have signed up for Better World Club instead of Triple AAA. Mos Def'. :)

    However, I sent an e-mail inquiring about their general availabilities of services. I got a response that, in most cities, it usually no problem and that it might take a little longer in rural areas compared to Triple AAA. The BWC is relatively new and is still a growing company. I sent another e-mail asking them if BWC provides services in Canada, like between Buffalo and Toronto. And I asked them to put me on their list for next year. I just graduated from college, so I will need the money I have now to find the job and a place if I have to move for the job. :) I'm sure BWC will understand. :)

    If you are about to renew Triple AAA anytime soon, please hop over to Better World Club. :)


  2. Better World Club confirmed to put me on their waiting list for April 2009 which is when my Triple AAA membership expires.

    If you are interested to be on the waiting list until your Triple AAA expires before you transfer your membership to Better World Club, contact Chris Merkel via e-mail: cmerkel@betterworldclub.com