22 June 2008

Raw Food Bash

Note:  Alynn, the Raw Foods Chef and Dina, the gardener/hostess worked together to host a raw foods dinner party a few weeks ago in Frederick, Md.  EcoDeaf asked them to write and share photos about the event and what follows is their beautiful expression of the event.


As our chef, Alynn, conjured up her delish raw dishes, our tongue danced and our body danced with glee.

As our gardener, Dina, created the masterpiece of a Garden of Eden in her backyard, the garden thrives and swayed with power of life.

We had the pleasures of enjoying the graceful and stimulating presence of our friends at Dina's humble abode.

I believe what makes us truly unique is being who we are.  Being more conscious of who we are stands out. A double whammy of standing out is being one who is deaf. Just because we are deaf doesn't mean we are clueless! We fall in where we can easily communicate and relate with other deaf beings.

Our goal was/is to educate and communicate with the every beings in regards of healthy, living lifestyle and sustaining our mother earth. We have been told that people are amazed of what we have done and what we are doing.

Alynn mastered the creations of raw yummy dishes for all to savor 
and those dishes were

Dazzling Raw Sushi with ginger sauce,

Earthly Raw Manicotti (made with eggplants) with tomato sauce,

Zany Deep Dish (Raw) Pizza!

The grand finale was her

three Divine Cheezecake:

Raspberry, Blueberry and Bliss (Chocolate & Vanilla swirl).

Dina had the liberty to show our guests her connection 
with Mother Earth by getting herself dirty. 
She embraces her garden with love, filling with flowers, 
fruits/vegetables, herbs and trees! 
Imagine the abundance filling with abounding energy!

The bash was a ROCKING success and 
we have been asked to host another one next year! 
Also, Alynn have been asked to co-host one in Chicago as well as in Sedona! 
Share your passion, embrace and connect with others as well as with Mother Earth.

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  1. Dazzling Raw Sushi with ginger sauce looks delicious. my mouth is watery. Ginger-crazed! :)