22 June 2008

Focus The Nation videos

Green Gallaudet, an environmental organization hosted Gallaudet's very first global warming teach-in, called "Focus The Nation". This was conducted simultaneously with thousand of other colleges and universities all over the nation on January 31st 2008.

On January 31st Gallaudet faculty, staff, students and visitors learned from numerous presenters and booths about many different ways about how we can make less of an impact and tread lightly on Mother Earth so next generations can enjoy what we take for granted today.

9 a.m.: "Introduction to Climate Change: Current Issues and Implications for the Future," presented by Dr. Caroline Solomon, Faculty, Biology Department

10 a.m.: "Food for the Future: Shopping and Eating Sustainability," presented by Rhea Kennedy, Gallaudet Public Relations Office, Green Chef www.youaredelicious.net

11 a.m.: "Global Warming: The Spreading of Infectious Diseases," presented by Dr. Jane Dillehay, Faculty, Biology Department

Noon: "Kick-Off Speech," presented by President Robert Davila

12:30 p.m.: Biotour Presentation and Tour of Biodiesel Bus

2 p.m.: "Old Habits Die Easily: How Psychology Can Help Stop Climate Change," presented by Dr. Raylene Paludneviciene, Faculty, Psychology Department

3 p.m.: "How Yoga Can Help Reduce Global Warming," presented by Beverly Hanyzewski, Deaf Certified Yoga Teacher www.deafheartyoga.com

5 p.m.: Panel Discussion with Gary Aller, Executive Director of Business and Support Services at Gallaudet; Meloyde Batten-Mickens, Executive Director of the Physical Plant Department at Gallaudet; Mr. Michael Fields, Gallaudet University Architect; Leah Katz-Hernandez, Gallaudet SBG Representative; Dr. Caroline Solomon, Green Gallaudet Faculty Advisor, moderated by Darian Burwell, Presidential Assistant, Diversity Relations.

6 p.m.: "Habitat, Species and Global Warming" presented by William Snape, Gallaudet Swim Coach/Fellow in Environmental Law at American University

6:30 pm: "Global Warming: Ecological Systems," Dan Millikin, Deaf Environmental Protection Agency attorney

7 p.m.: "An Inconvenient Truth," presented by Bradley Porsche, the only Deaf presenter of the 1,000 representatives trained by former Vice President Al Gore

There are videos of those presentations produced by Gallaudet's e-learning and Video Services department.  Check them out here.  

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