17 June 2008

Eco-Friendly Bike

        darren frazier shows a cool bike, raves about portland, and discusses "blue-consciousness"                   


  1. Ecodeaf,

    I agree with you about BLUE! Need to take care of Eco-Green,too.
    Same time you said Friendly in Portland Oregon related to BLUE and Eco Green, I agree with you. BUT I think Seattle is also the best,too.. Seattle is second to Eco-Green and Eco-Blue,too!

    Portland, Oregon I honesty I don't love Portland with deaf community.

    Sad news! Not because of Deaf people issues.. I have love to huge complications with deaf people's sense in Seattle,WA instead of Portland.. Seattle have beautiful in some way. Oregon is also beautiful. No fight between who is the best cities in Seattle or Portland,Or.

    My husband love Oregon. I love in Seattle. The battle between which the best of cities? I dont mind!

    Our family came from Oregon,so I can drive transportion. Train is better than Greyhound bus!

  2. I visited Portland a long time ago for and, yes, I do see an environment that promotes the ecology, but...

    One strange thing I noticed was that for all the talk about ecology in Oregon, they still sold leaded gas, the only state I ever saw that still did!

    This was in the mid-1990s.

  3. Hi Darren!! Good to see that you are doing well in Portland! (* Oregon is a gorgeous state, but is also facing some seriously oxygen-starved dead zones in the area that includs Bandon Beach and other pieces of the Oregon coast as well as exhausting development on the coast of Oregon as well. Perhaps this is a new mission for you and your friends/colleagues/neighbors in Portland to drive preservation and environmental awareness in that area. I would hate to see such magical islands dissapear as well as the ocean life that made me smile in joy as I dipped in the pristine beaches of Oregon coast. Continue your good stewardship for mother earth.