19 June 2008

Day 1 as Raw Foodist

Marina explains her first day experience being on raw food diet.

(The following days will come via video soon... )


  1. Great!!!

    interesting about olive oil

    yet dressing from wholefoods 'made for RAW food eaters' has olive oil ?

  2. I stayed for a week in a raw food commune over 25 years ago and it was one of the most emotional experiences in my life. As a young woman in her 20's, I didn't understand the value of raw food diets, but boy, do I now, in my 50's, with a multitude of nutritional/health issues.

    Good luck on the diet and I can't wait to watch more of your videos.

  3. I did not eat popcorn.... :-)

    Interesting topic about first day/ week.. Common sense not to be extreme raw eater. Now that is HOPE.

    You are my tool now, the more I watch it may change my way of thinking and more determination to try raw eating.

    Thank you for sharing this special topic with us and I look forward to more.

    no popcorn next time I promise.

  4. Hey, can one of you raw foodies in the DC area help? I've never felt so good as when I was on at least a 80% raw food diet (and the other 20% was generally unprocessed food). Trying to get back to that.

    Anyway, I'm in DC on business and 80% isn't gonna happen while I'm here! But I would really love to try a raw restaurant here. Please list some places, cuz I can't find anything online!

    Thank you so much in advance!

  5. jenny,

    i highly recommend www.javagreen.net
    on 19th street NW - junction of k & 19th. they have vegetarian, vegan and raw food dishes.

    exit farragut north red line metro on k street side, then walk down 17th, 18th and turn right on 19th - you'll see java green on your left :)

    say hi to DJ Kim, the owner - he loves to practice ASL with his deaf customers :)

    bon apetit!

  6. Great that you went raw!! I totally agree with you that eating raw food is very important for our health.

    Starting a new food habit is quite challenging, so you will probably experience the cravings for cheeses and meats once in a great while. The desires for unwanted food will wane over the time as you stick with your goal. You are on the right track for not allowing yourself to get all upset over eating little cheese or meats here and there. You will get better at it as that is what I have learned from going mostly vegan. :)

    Perhaps would you want to create a blog spot for sharing different raw food recipes that you have tried and liked during your "raw-ventures?" :)


  7. Hi all,

    This is awesome that you are sharing a vlog about your experience as a raw foodist. Microbiotic foods are amazing. I just tasted some of my raspberries that became ready in my garden and savored the taste. It was unlike any store bought raspberries, whether organic or not. However, one correction - raw vegan does not eat any fish and poultry. However, if you are a raw foodist but not vegan, you can try caviar - fish eggs. I eat one spoonful of it everyday to get my omega 3 and protein intake. I do not consider myself a raw vegan, but rather a raw foodist. I do not do it on a 100% basis as well for I had discovered that my body does need some cooked meals (20% each day). This way of life is a challenge, but agree - it is a delicious way of life. Experienced raw foodist will simplify his/her diet and eat greens directly. The rest of us need to prepare our food to enjoy it. As time goes by, we become used to the taste of plain spinach, and savor it. Kudos to you for joining that life style. It is healthy and wise for our environment.