30 December 2007

EcoDeaf on Facebook Reaches 100!

EcoDeaf group was created on Facebook a few days ago, and we've surpassed 100 members!

We set up EcoDeaf on Facebook because the format of Facebook allows for more opportunities for dialogue among all members as opposed to blog-style comments. Members can set up topics, add cool eco-websites, respond, comment and even add photos and videos themselves!

Plus, EcoDeaf can e-mail all members about upcoming events (such as the recent Dec 8th Polar Bear plunge - photos are up on Facebook!). But fear none, we don't plan to be sending too many e-mails (we value and understand the need for uncluttered e-mailboxes :))

Not only that, Facebook reaches out to some new people who didn't know EcoDeaf existed via blogspot.

Spread the green love! Get your green ideas, recipes, money-saving tips, photos and videos posted on the EcoDeaf facebook group!


  1. Hi, I would like to join EcoDeaf group via Facebook. However, I can't find it. Help.

  2. hi kelly 87,

    1) go to www.facebook.com

    2) create your own account

    3) then in the search box, type in:

    eco deaf

    and you'll find us! (make sure you have a space between eco_deaf) because if you type in ecodeaf, the search will turn up empty. strange!

    the more, the merrier! happy new year's eve!


  3. Hi Raychelle,

    I am member of Facebook. Strange...I have attempted few different names, like eco deaf, eco_deaf, Eco deaf, Eco Deaf, Eco_deaf and Eco_Deaf and know what? All results came up the same: I'M LIBERAL, which doesn't make sense. Help.

    In the meantime, Happy New Year to you, too.

  4. as a user of facebook since it came out years ago when i was in college:

    joining charity groups are so pass'e... i've seen so many groups with :THOUSANDS:: of people involved but never really helping out. what's a name on a digital network based online? need a cheer to say that you're somehow associated with a cause just because you recruit someone on facebook? hahahahahahahaha

    the bottom line is; if anyone actually donates money to your cause, then you're making the real success story off facebook. dont believe me? check out any cause and compare how many people are "joined" and how many actually put some money where their mouth is.

  5. hmm, i'm not sure what you mean. we're not in this to raise funds - no money is involved here.

    like we said in the post above, we liked facebook because the dialogue is more even among members in facebook as opposed to blogging. blogging only allows a few people to manage/access posts/password required so all of the information is filtered through the blog owners.

    but don't get me wrong, blogs do have their pros - it's nice to read articles here and there, facebook isn't too suitable for that (we can't design layout, change fonts, etc)-

    i believe ecodeaf on blogspot and ecodeaf on facebook both are equally important for different reasons...

    we're experimenting with what works and what doesn't. and what the community likes and what they don't like is important to us as well.

    happy new year! :)

  6. kelly87

    that's so strange!!! i've checked the search on facebook again and now


    brings up just one listing: ecodeaf!

    it seems facebook updated their search engines to reflect that?

    if you still can't find us, you can email me your facebook name and i can send you a personal ECODEAF invitation :)


    sorry for the trouble!
    :) raychelle

  7. Raychelle,

    Today, I typed eco deaf in search box and it brings two listings: I'LIBERAL something and ECODEAF.
    It finally works at this time! I don't know why it didn't work the first time. That is strange...like you mentioned, they probably updated search engine?

  8. kelly87 - YAY and welcome! :)


  9. I'm interested and pls explain how I could join EcoDeafFacebook. Any help or tips will be helpful.
    Much thanks.

    From a Gore supporter :-)

  10. that's great, the more, the merrier! :) follow the instructions on the second comment here - you'll need to create your own account at www.facebook.com then using their search engine, type in ecodeaf and you'll find us :)