16 December 2007

The Greenest Ski/Snowboard Areas

We know snowboarding and skiing are very destructive activities for mother Earth - trees are cut down to make paths, rivers are sucked dry to make fake snow, animals are uprooted, and thousands, thousands of people drive to resorts, eat, poop, throw trash, shred snow and go back home on a daily basis...

BUT for those who love Earth dearly and also love skiing/snowboarding, there's one way straddle this eco-dilemma - go and support the TOP TEN ECO-SKI RESORTS below:

E-mail a piece of your mind to the WORST 10 resorts. There's a prefab e-mail letter on this website for you, just a copy, paste, and a click away! http://skiareacitizens.com

And as always, if you do go to one of the top ten resorts, do share your experience with us here at EcoDeaf!

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